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Stargate SG-1: Prodigy


All the times Sam and Jack call each other by their first names.

I chose to only include the times when our Jack and Sam are the ones saying it. AKA no AU versions, no imaginary versions (Grace comes to mind), etc.

FedCon 2014 – Official Trailer(x)


8.03 | 3.09

It’s a rite of passage at this point. You can’t be BFFs if you haven’t shot one another while under the influence of alien shenanigans at least once.


Stargate SG-1: Enemies


Stargate SG-1: Upgrades

Bonus reaction gif:

Stargate SG-1 → Full Circle

Daniel Jackson: Jack, Abydos is in trouble. Anubis is on his way, he’s after the Eye of Ra. I have that replica that Catherine gave me, it looks like this…