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Female. European. Geography student.

TV Shows. Movies. Music. Art.
Animals. Nature. Geology.
History. Sci-Fi . . .

Stargate * House * Star Trek
Castle * White Collar * Rome
Doctor Who * Elementary * NCIS
Revolution * Dexter * Hannibal
Game of Thrones * The Blacklist . . .



50 favorite Amanda Tapping photos - 32/50 (with special guest idiot Richard Dean Anderson)


Sam: “Sir, I wanted to talk to you …” | 8x04 Zero Hour


Stargate SG-1: Proving Ground
Sam and Jack discuss the potential recruits 5/5


Sam/Jack | You make me smile!

SG-1. It’s what we call ourselves; sort of like a team.

You two are literally fooling no one.


The way they smile at each other …